Bonding Pt. 1


“Why, though?” I chuckle. I pull on the ropes she’s tied to my wrist and they’re stable. I’ve taught her well. She straddles my lap while still hovering over me.
“If you talk again, I’ll be forced to punish you” she says with dominance in her voice. I open my mouth to protest and she cocks her head to the side, testing me to speak. I smirk up at her and close my mouth.
“Excellent. I’ll be right back.” She hops off my lap and scurries out of the room. I lay there in confusion, thinking that she just tied me up, turned me on and left for her own personal enjoyment. Ooh, I swear when I get out of these ropes… I mouth to myself. She reenters the room with a drink.
“You left me like this to go get a drink?” I ask in astonishment. She purses her lips and walks slowly over the side of the bed, never breaking eye contact.
“What did I say I would do to you the next time you spoke, Mr. Alexander?” I look up at her with a challenge in my eyes. I remain quiet. She sets her drink down and walks to the end of the bed. She leans over me, giving me a quite impressive view of her breasts hanging free. She hooks her fingers through my boxers and yanks them down, exposing my full erection completely. She drops my boxers down to the ground and I give her a look as to say, “What next?”

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Dance of the Cubs by Valtteri Mulkahainen

what do you do when you see a bear in the woods? (~);=

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Mom: your rooms dirty

Me: then stay out of it


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